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Galaxy MIni> Flashing Latest Official Firmware for Galaxy Mini 2.3.6, Updated on March 2012

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Official Firmware 2.3.6 [Gingerbread]  for Galaxy Mini [GT-S5570] : Firmware: S5570XWKTN_S5570OXXKTB

This is the official firmware 2.3.6 for Galaxy Mini [GT-S5570] from the Samsung. Hopefully better than the previous versions. I have tried it out and I like it too. Flashing android firmware is easy if you did in right way or if you don't now the process you may brick your phone. I am not responsible if you bricked your phone. Do it on your own risk.

Anyway, here I am going to help you to flash the official firmware 2.3.6 for your Galaxy Mini [GT-S5570]. If you download tools and follow the right steps during flashing you will never brick your phone.

  1. First of all just download the required tool and firmware. Links: Odin Multi Downloader <<Here>> , Tass V1.ops File <<Here>, Firmware 2.3.6 [S5570XWKTN_S5570OXXKTB] << Here >>
  2.  Download and install KIES from official Samsung KIES website or you can simple Google it. (If u already got KIES pass this step) [Note: We need KIES for the latest USB drivers]
  3. Now extract firmware you will get APBOOT, CODE & CSC MD5 files. All together you will have 5 files including ODIN AND TASS.OPS. It is better to keep all files in the same folder.
  4. OK Now Ready for Installation, Make sure that your phone is 70% charged.  Now turn off your phone and open Odin Application.
  5. Load the OPS file that you have downloaded previously OPS on Odin and select TASS_v1.0.ops
  6. Now from the firmware that you have extracted: ( THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT PART)  -APBOOT_S5570XWKTN_CL1019135_REV02_user_low_true.tar.md5 goes into BOOT  -MODEM_S5570XWKT6_CL1000416_REV02.tar.md5 goes to PHONE       
    -CODE_S5570XWKTN_CL1019135_REV02_user_low_true.tar.md5 goes to PDA and 
    -GT-S5570-MULTI-CSC-OXXKTB_RST.tar.md5 to CSC
  7. Enter Downloading Mode on your phone, press VOLUME DOWN KEY, OK BUTTON and POWER BUTTON at the same time, then you will be entered in download mode on your phone.
  8. Connect the USB cable, now in Odin at COM PORT MAPPING is should appeare the USB cable as connected(COM1,COM2........ etc).
  9. Now make sure that in the ODIN the only boxes that are checked are AUTO REBOOT , RESET TIME and PROTECT OPS after you have checked, and then press START, now u have to wait 5-6min.
  10. It must say above the COM connection PASS on a blue backgroud to disconnect the USB cable and u are done. !!EVEN IF THE PHONE BOOTS UP DON'T DISCONNECT THE USB CABLE,WAIT FOR THE PASS SCREEN!!

     ................ WOW its Done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cong!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.............
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